Nick Beddow's Shared Places

SHARED PLACES will bring you...
  • Closer to communities 
  • Effective and enjoyable engagement
  • Inspired staff
  • Better insight into needs and barriers
  • More coherent strategies
  • Shared actions
  • Resilience
  • Long-term success

“Nick is fantastic at engaging with people and explaining the explorer model at a level everyone can understand as well as allowing people to give their input and feel positive about what they can do in their communities.
I highly recommend this training to anyone who works with communities and wants to bring people together to explore what their community wants and needs. 100% positive feedback from the attendees and staff. Excellent”

Pennie Walker – Better Together Lead, Tai Calon Community Housing Ltd, Blaunau Gwent, May 2018

Unleashing the talent and energy in your organisation and communities

Nick Beddow has been helping organisations and communities to thrive and enjoy the experience since 1979. 
Formerly CEO at Community Development Exchange (the national charity for Community Development), and Community Engagement Specialist for Our Life, Nick set up Shared Places in 2015 to improve the performance of organisations and empower communities. Every project is tailor-made to meet your real needs and leave you ready to go forward together. Here's some fresh air and new perspective....
"Nick has been great to work with, listens to what is needed and offers creative ideas in terms of delivery. He is knowledgeable in his field and is consistent and reliable, producing high quality work".
Manny Sehmbi
Local Communities Manager
Sandwell Borough Council
How Can Shared Places  Help You?
Shared Places specialise in engaging, involving and developing people - we build amazing teams and collaborations. Nick has worked for 36 years alongside Councils, Public Health, CCG's,  Social Landlords, Charities and Voluntary Sector organisations, and supported communities from all walks of life.
Each piece of work is tailored to your needs. We draw on this range of approaches to create the appropriate response for you:
  • Community Development
  • Community-led Engagement
  • Citizen's Juries     
  • Co-production 
  • Whole Systems Change 
  • Staff Development / Action Learning   
  • Strategic formulation 
  • Participatory Evaluation 
Our Case Studies illustrate Nick's track record in helping agencies and communities work well together.
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"Nick is one of a very few people I know who embodies all that is good about community development. He lives by its best principles, and is savvy enough to know the best way to build community is from inside out, starting where people are at and building on what they have to support them to secure what they need. Few have supported as much citizen led action while keeping a smile on their face. Fewer still stand so firmly for social justice as Nick. I'm privileged to have worked with him and proud to call him a friend".

Cormac Russell
Director ABCD Europe
"Nick is one of the most brilliant people I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is incredibly caring, able to deal with difficult relationships and situations though his ability to analyse in very perceptive ways. He is supportive in many different ways and contexts, as a manager, a peer, a trainer, in person and online. He was a fantastic Chief Executive for CDX, able to champion community development and our members at national level gatherings and in local contexts, while appropriately (and often humorously) challenging policies and practices which discriminate and disadvantage communities and citizens."
Lorna Prescott
Senior Development Officer at Dudley CVS
"Nick is an engaging, insightful and dedicated community development practitioner with a deep understanding both of people and of the barriers that people face in fulfilling their potential. He has an enviable ability to connect and empathise with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, and to work with them to influence decision-makers. And he's a really nice guy who brings a smile to the faces of the people he works with"
Julian Dobson
Urban Pollinators
former editor of New Start